How To Cook For An Easter BBQ Dinner

Want to get creative with your Easter Dinner? If yes, you should have an Easter Barbeque (Easter BBQ). This article will provide you Easter BBQ ideas to make this Easter a wonderful gathering with family and friends.

An Easter BBQ Dinner might be the best choice for your Easter Dinner if you love being outdoors during the beautiful spring. The best part about an Easter BBQ Dinner is that you do not have to sacrifice your Easter Dinner favorite dishes to cook on the grill.

Here are just a few dishes you can keep for your Easter Dinner BBQ:

 Easter Ham

Almost any kind of ham can be cooked on the grill. It is recommended that cooks use a pre-cooked, boneless ham on the grill because it only needs to be heated and browned.

Before putting the ham on the grill, season it. A mixture of brown sugar and honey can make an excellent coating for your ham, leaving it with a nice crust.

An Easter Ham should be cooked on indirect heat and the grill lid closed. On average, a ham should cook on the grill for 90 minutes or until heated through. To make sure your ham remains moist while cooking, occasionally spritz every 20 minutes on lemon-lime soda or apple juice.

Easter Lamb

If you enjoy eating lamb, there is no reason to leave the dish out of your Easter BBQ Dinner.  Lamb chops are very easy to cook on the grill. You only need to sprinkle salt, pepper, and brush some oil on your chops before grilling. The lamb only needs to cook for 10 minutes or until the lamb reaches 160 degrees F.

You can also cook a lamb roast. The best lamb roast to cook on the grill is boneless, butterflied leg of lamb. This roast usually weighs two to three pounds.

The roast is cooked over direct heat. Preheat your grill to 350 degrees and season your meat before cooking. Place your lamb roast on a slightly oiled grill and close the lid. The lamb roast usually cooks for 40 to 45 minutes. Before removing from the grill be sure that the lamb has a temperature that is at least 160 degrees.

Once cooked, the lamb should be foiled. Do not slice it until it has sat for about 10 minutes.

For any side dishes you may want to serve with the main course, you can prepare them indoors. If you won’t have access to an oven, serve cold dishes of potato salads, pasta salads, green salads, and vegetable casseroles.

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